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Race Cars, Motors & Shocks

Race cars: Hustler Race Cars by Feger.

Motors: Rhyne Competition Engines, located in Gary, IN. Feger runs 430 cubic inch Chevy motors. Rhyne is known for premium power plants and top shelf-service.

Shocks: Shocks are built by Advanced Racing Suspension ask for Corey, and maintained by Kris Richards of Action Suspension.


Car Graphics: Designed by Tracy Feger (Feger's Mom) & output by Dustin Griffin, Griffin Sign Shop, Quincy, IL.

Merchandise: Most of Feger merchandise is designed by Tracy Feger and silkscreen by Austin Feger, Absolute Apparel. Team Feger also works with R&R Enterprises for tees, hoodies and additional merch. Heading to the track? Look for the Feger tshirt trailer and check out our merch! THANKS TO THE FANS KEEPING US ON THE TRACK!

A brief history...

Three Generations, The first

Feger's Grandpa, Ron "Red" Griffin began racing in the early 1950's in Central Illinois. He always found a car to race, even in service in Ft. Leonardwood and Ft. Riley. Red drove cars for Don Erlenbush, Hal Rotramel, Cleve Smith of SouthTown Towing, and others before owning his #25 Mustang. Red and his brothers, Bob and Ed built the mustang. Red's career ended after a violent crash in 1974 while racing on Champaign, IL 1/2 mile horse track. Grandpa's car went through a wooden fence, he suffered major injuries to his leg and arm from the wood.

The second generation

Uncle Rocky began racing at the age of 15 in 1976 as a Sportsman. Rocky also raced late models and modifieds on tracks throughout Central Illinois. Jason would tag along and help his uncle when possible.

The Third generation

Grandpa Griffin bought a beat up, abused sportsman car when Jason was 18. Two nights of racing, smoke pours from the car - UGH - blown motor. The next week Grandpa under went major heart surgery. Since that time, Feger has figured out how to fund his own racing program. It took six years, but finally, in 2002 Jason bought a used late model, plus a motor that was over a decade old (a Rhyne motor!). Thanks to friends loaned pick-ups, and an open trailer Feger was able to start pursuing his dream of racing dirt late models. Since that time Feger has steadily built the team year by year.

Grandpa Griffin's entire life was about family and racing. He told Jason, you might not have the money the other guys do, so use your head, build it yourself, figure out how to get things done, race smart. He always believed in Jason's driving ability. We are positive he's looking down and is smiling at what the team has accomplished. LEARN MORE ABOUT JASON FEGER,
The Highside Hustler

Jason Feger: Driver

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Jason Feger

HighSide Hustler

Feger started running dirt late models in 2002 at the age of 24. He became known as the HighSide Hustler for his all out, sparks flying from the wall driving style.

Devin Shickel

Kasey Kahne


Devin Shickel, son of dirt late model driver Eddie Shickel, nephew of Frank Jr and grandson of driver Frank Sr. As a youngster, Devin has been able to share in his family's accomplishments on the track. Since he was 12, he's been a part of the Feger Racing family. In Illinois, at the time 12 year olds couldn't get into the pits, so Devin had to be satisfied watching in the stands. As soon as he could, Devin was in the pits helping Jason. He dedicates long hours to maintenance and work in the shop with Jason. Day and night, it's Devin and Jason getting the job done to keep the team running. Devin hits the road to every race.

At the track:
Austin Feger


Austin has been one of the driving forces behind Feger Racing, he's a critical team member, advisor, motivator and of course brother. He believes in his brother's capabilities whole heartedly. Austin has lived and breathed dirt racing his entire life. At 14, Austin began working on the crew for Billy Drake. He became Feger Crew Chief in 2002 and handed over crew chief reins to Devin in 2010 to get his silkscreen business, Absolute Apparel off the ground. You'll catch Austin at the local tracks and nearly every big show.

At the track or in the shop, when he's in town:
Duane Stringer


Duane no longer lives in Central Illinois, but when he's traveling North and there's a race going on, you can catch him in Feger's pits helping the team out. Thanks Duane!!

Nearly always at the track:
Grandma Griffin


Maria Griffin is her grandson's biggest fan, she takes racing and her Minnesota Vikings very seriously. If not at the track, she'll be keeping up to date with what's happening on her iPad! Grandma still works full-time as a waitress at Denny's Restaurant in Bloomington, IL on Eldorado Road. Stop in with your fav Feger shirt on and say hi!