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The HighSide Hustler

Hometown: Bloomington, IL
Height: 6'
Education: Normal West
Ford Asset Program at Parkland Jr College
Illinois State University

Feger Hulk Hogan 2012 Bubba RaceWay Park

Jason Feger

  • Racing late models: Since 2002

  • Car number: 25, the same number as the cars my Grandpa owned and drove, plus it was my football number, from little league through high school.

    Why racing: Ever since I can remember I wanted to race, specifically dirt late models. Grew up helping and watching my Uncle Rocky race, than we helped Billy Drake on his late model. I rented a hornet at LaSalle Speedway when I was 16 to race. I didn't get to sit in a car again until I was 18, when my Grandpa Griffin bought an old sportsman. It took me years to get a late model. When we did, I bought an old Rhyne motor from Tony Izzo to start with. Luckily, I've always had great friends, they'd let me borrow their pick up trucks just to haul our car to the track. At that time, when we started racing late models some of the best of the best in Illinois was still racing, Bob Pierce, Roger Long, Tony and Joey Izzo, Tom Rients, Bob Pohlman, Lil John Provenzano, Frank Reaber and tons of other drivers.

    What of your racing accomplishments stand out to you: Finishing 5th in the 2012 World 100 and winning the UMP Summernationals Championship.

    What would you like to accomplish racing: Of course, win the World 100, that would be the ultimate. We'd love to get the funding to follow a series across the country, but it takes deep pockets to be able to travel that much. You have to keep your equipment fresh, it goes beyond maintenance, it is literally putting on new parts, those guys never let any piece of equipment wear out.

    Favorite type of racing surface: Any -- as long as it is multiple groove, appreciate the efforts by tracks to re-work the surface when it is bad. Drivers and I'm sure fans would rather wait and get the track right than have a one lane feature.

    Any pet peeves at a race track: Failure on track prep, specially if the surface is bad to start and nothing is done.

    Racing hero growing up: Highbanks Bob Pierce and my Uncle Rocky.

    Favorite moments at the track: Meeting all kinds of great people, the first time, I got to race and meet Kenny Schrader, plus getting to meet Hulk Hogan at Bubba Raceway Park in 2012.

    Who's your on your list of favorite current drivers: Moyer, Scott, Owens, Eckert come to mind. Of course, Birky too.

    Favorite sport other than racing: Football

    Football team: The Bears

    Favorite bands: The Pimps and Split Lip Ray

    Favorite TV Shows: SOA and The League

    Anything else: Yes, really need to thank everyone who support our team, including all of our advertising partners who work with us. I seriously cannot say enough good things about Cheap Cars, Titan, ProTire, AllStar, The Wehers guys, Sweet, Advance, and of course Kris our shock guy. Matt Rhyne is always there when we need him. Thanks to the guys in the shop, they work hard day in and day out to make sure we are prepared. Devin Shickel is lika brother to me. Mike Glasscock helps out when ever he can, but work and his racing keeps him from helping more. Duane Stringer is the best. Two newer guys have been helping, Cameron and Robert. We have the best fans, they really support us. Plus of course, my family, specifically my Grandma, she's our biggest fan and tries to make it to all the races.

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