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Below left: Jordan Shickel dunking in 2012. Thanks to the Shriners Hospitals for Children, Jordan Shickel has made a full recovery from third degree burns on over half of his body in 2009.

Below right: Team Feger presenting Eric Tjarks of the Shriners a check for money raised during the race season.

Shriners Hospitals for Children

Jason Neely and Kenny Schrader

Above: Jason M. Neely, founder of Race 2 Cure Parkinson's disease with legendary Ken Schrader.

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Giving Back

  • Feger Racing is so very fortunate to be able to chase the dirt late model racing dream. We try to give back to organizations and support people trying to make a difference.

    The Shriners Hospitals
    for Children®

    • The Shriners Hospitals for Children do amazing work.

      Devin Shickel has been part of the Feger racing family since he was twelve years old.  Two years ago, he almost lost his brother Jordan to a fire accident. 

      A gas can exploded on Jordan during a camping trip in 2009.  They didn't know if Jordan would make it through the accident.  He was flown to Springfield in a helicopter.

      Over 50 percent of Jordan’s body suffered third-degree burns, he was on life support for a week.

      The Shriners jumped into action.  Their flight team flew Jordan to the Shriners Hospital for Children in Cincinnati, Ohio.

      Jordan had many, many surgeries, skin grafts. Milestones included sitting in a chair, eating solid food, learning to walk again.  Thanks to the Shriners Hospitals for Children, Jordan has recovered so well, doctors have told he can do anything he pleases.

      We try to help give back to the Shriners, promoting their cause, letting everyone know what a great job they do, as well as raise money for their cause.  The Shriners are an organization of dedicated people, like Eric Tjarks and Jeff Prochnow who continually give back, do the right thing and are passionate about helping kids.

      The generosity of donors is what enables Shriners Hospitals for Children to deliver life-changing medical care without placing burden on the families of our patients. There are many ways to give, from participating in one of our many fundraising events throughout the year, to creating a plan for giving. No matter how large or small, every gift to Shriners Hospitals for Children makes a difference in the life of a child.

      Visit their website: www.ShrinersHospitalsForChildren.org
      Donate now to help Shriners Hospitals for Children help kids.

  • Neely Race 2 Cure Parkinsons

    • In 2006 Jason M. Neely of Murfreesboro, TN bought a dirt late model. Unfortunately, in 2007 he was diagnosed advanced Parkinson's disease. Jason would never have the opportunity to pursue his dreams of driving his dirt late model.

      He decided to start the Jason M. Neely Foundation Race 2 Cure Parkinson's as a small local cause to help raise awareness through racing. Jason fights his disease daily, taking nearly 20 pills a day to hide his shaking. Meds help, but doctors have told him at some point he will need to have brain surgery.

      The Jason M. Neely Race 2 Cure Parkinson's cause has taken off in the dirt racing community. Drivers and teams across the US donate a spot on their race cars for the cause. The group of drivers and fans supporting Jason's cause are referred to as Team Mudd Mafia. Feger Racing is proud to be part of Team Mudd Mafia supporting Jason Neely's fight to end Parkinson.

      You can contact Jason Neely at 22jasonneely@gmail.com.
      Visit his website: www.jmnfoundation.org.

      Race 2 Cure Parkinsons

    Other causes

    • St. Baldricks:

    • Pink Ribbon Riders:


      • Our team has also supported Brave the Shave, organized by on of Feger's best friends, Jeep Van Wormer to help fight cancer. Van Wormer, Feger and other drivers raised money and shaved their heads at the World 100 a few years ago.
        Visit Jeep Van Wormer's website.

      Dog Rescues

      • All of us at Feger Racing LOVE our dogs. Over the years, we've been rescued by many four legged souls who find their way to our home. We actively advocate rescue and adoption to help stop the killing of more than six million pets a year in shelters across our country. Bully breeds are among our favorites and we are their advocates, contacting legislators and taking a stand against breed legislation, dog fighting and animal abuse. Be sure your voice is heard, let your legislators know you are against breed bans and believe that animal abuse or any participation in dog fighting should be a felony in the United States.
        Please visit www.petfinder.com to find a rescue or search for a pet to adopt.
        You will save a life.